Hi and welcome to my wellness blog. This is a place where I discuss various health related topics such as antibiotic resistance, stress, theories about obesity, pesticides, probiotics and much more . What makes this site different than other health and nutrition blogs? Although I call my articles blogs, I think of them more as mini research papers. I typically read anywhere from 15-30 journal articles per blog. My purpose is to help the reader become informed on various health related topics, and along the way, teach myself as well. I choose any topic I find and hope that you will find interesting. I have even written multiple blogs on topics that readers have asked me to research.

I sincerely hope you find my articles thought provoking. Sometimes my blogs can be long, but I believe that this is what makes my website unique. If you are looking for a quick summary, which most other sites offer, this unfortunately is not the place for you. I cannot do these complex topics justice by reducing them down to a page or two, or by only using a few journal articles or the latest article on a topic like many other sites do. Although this may turn some people off, I accept that, and hope to develop a small but passionate group of regular readers who want to better themselves by increasing their knowledge of various wellness topics.  

My ultimate goal is to have readers think for themselves. I never have hidden agendas nor do I make any profit from this site. I write blogs because I enjoy doing it. It is like a hobby for me. If any of my blogs inspire you to be more passionate about your health, then there is no price for that.