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How bacteria in our gut affect our health and the negative impact of antibiotics

Probiotics_Info_from_siteBelieve or not but we share our body with billions of itty bitty bacteria. In fact, these microscopic bacteria make up 1-3% of our total body mass! Bacteria inhabit all areas of our body including our mouth, skin, organs and vagina. Each area of the body has its own unique inhabitants with the human gut containing 500-1,000 different bacterial species. While we have yet to discover the function of the large majority of the bacteria we do know that some help regulate our immune system.  Bacteria in our gut help us break down carbohydrates that we normally would be unable to digest, such as fiber.

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Acid reflux disease (GERD)– causes and treatments

safety-44424_640 (2)A few people that I know have asked me what I knew about acid reflux. I told them that I all I knew was that the valve at the end of the esophagus does not close completely and acid from the stomach is able to travel back up the esophagus and into the mouth. I was unsure what caused it and how to prevent or cure it. So that was the motivation for this blog.

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The relationship between Vitamin D levels and diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome

pill-316601_1280 (2)Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting a blog for the past few weeks but I was on vacation in Guatemala. Also, I figured everyone would be busy with the holidays and not get a chance to read a new blog. But I am back and should be posting a new blog every Sunday. This week’s blog is about the importance of Vitamin D. Enjoy!

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