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Migraines- Causes and Natural Treatment

headache-388876_1280This blog is written for anyone that suffers from migraines. I was spurred to write this blog because a close friend of mine suffers from severe migraines and I wanted to see if there is any way to reduce the severity of or prevent migraines altogether. Personally, I have never had a migraine, so I can’t imagine how debilitating they can be. I don’t even get headaches, aside from the occasional mild one if I am dehydrated. Seems like I lucked out, eh? Not quite, I am stuck with IBS, so don’t feel too envious.

I am going to start the blog talking about disability caused from migraines then move onto phases of migraines, the role of genetics in migraine, underlying cause of migraine and finally I will discuss natural treatments for migraine.

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