About Me



Where to start. I graduated from Rowan University with a BA in Psychology in 2007. After graduating I worked at a group home for people with mental illness. While the job was interesting, I can’t say that my passion lies in this field. I started to take great interest in nutrition and exercise. I initially thought I wanted to go get a new bachelor’s degree in chemistry, but after failing miserably on my first chemistry 2 test I reconsidered.

While figuring out what I wanted to do I started reading nutrition books. Once I began down this path I have never looked back. I soon enrolled at Montclair State and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2016. While in school I could not get enough of nutrition and I continued reading enthusiastically outside of school. Still, there were questions I had that were not covered in most nutrition books or in my classes. So, having access to a ton of scholarly journals, I started to do my own research.

I am motivated by my belief that nutrition is capable of stopping and reversing many of the most common causes of death in this country including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I believe the information is out there, you just have to know where to look. I have seen countless people die of heart disease, go through the terrible ordeal of chemotherapy, suffer and go blind from diabetes and be turned into a shell of their former self from Alzheimer’s disease. I wish that no one will ever experience this suffering again.

I promise you this. I will work tirelessly to find out the truth about nutrition, beyond the lies and misunderstanding made so common by corrupt companies and organizations that have something to gain. I want the truth, for myself, and for everyone else in this world. This website and blog will be my platform. I encourage everyone to participate in discussions, question my findings, and offer alternative ideas. I hope you can learn enough about nutrition to be confident in making your own decisions and transforming your life and health for the better!