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How Much Caffeine Do You Have to Regularly Consume to Get Withdrawal Symptoms?

coffee-1248347_1280 (2)Most people I know regularly consume coffee. I never liked coffee because it would make my IBS worse, but I did take low dose caffeine pills in the past. Recently, I suffered serious effects of caffeine withdrawal. For about four months straight, I consumed about 100-250 mg of caffeine per day. That is about 1-2.5 cups of coffee, and less than one strong Starbucks coffee. When I suddenly stopped taking the caffeine pills I noticed a few adverse effects.

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Energy Drinks- Are they dangerous?

monster-258737_1280 (2)

There is a considerable amount of debate surrounding energy drinks. Many people believe that they are bad for you and even dangerous. But what about Coca Cola, one of the first energy drinks ever created. As a matter of fact, there was controversy around Coca Cola when it was first released back in late 1800’s. In 1911 US agents seized 40 kegs and 20 barrels of Coca-Cola syrup in Tennessee because they thought the caffeine in it to be a public health hazard (1). After some time Coca-Cola reduced the amount of caffeine which was enough to satisfy the agents.

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