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Satiety of Beverages

orange-juice-67556_1280 (2)For the past year or so I have been consuming a shake each day. I use soymilk, frozen bananas and five tablespoons of various ground nuts and seeds. Recently I started adding pea protein powder to them. These shakes must be around 850 calories or more but they never really fill me up. It definitely decreases my hunger but never makes me as full as I would expect from consuming that many calories especially compared to consuming them non-blended.

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Does Eating Before Bed Lead to Weight Gain and Negative Metabolic Changes?

I have come across many people over the years that believed eating before bed leads to weight gain. The general idea is that our body slows down when we sleep and would store calories eaten at night instead of using them as energy. Is there any truth to this assumption? Yes and no. Our bodies do indeed slow down during sleep, but not as much as you would think. The real reason for possible weigh gain has to do with the Thermic Effect of Food. I will talk about the Thermic Effect of Food and weight gain and whether or not eating before bed causes negative metabolic changes in insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels and high glucose levels in this blog. I will start by talking about Resting Metabolic Rate and sleep.

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Using the Vitamix to Make Great Tasting Smoothies, Protein Shakes and Sauces

Vitamix-Pro-500-3Hey everyone. I have been really busy recently with class work and internship stuff, so I decided to write a quick blog. A few months ago my parents bought me a Vitamix as a Christmas present. Before this, I was using a blender to make my smoothies. I tried once to make a vegetable and fruit smoothie but it came out awful. It was honestly one of the worst drinks I ever tried. I used spinach and apples and there were chunks of both in the drink. It also had a weird smell. I never tried making another vegetable smoothie after that occasion.

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Leptin Injections Can Help With Weight Loss and Maintenance

syringe-435809_1280As I mentioned in my previous blog about the difficulties of losing and keeping off weight, leptin plays a significant role in weight loss and maintenance and is secreted by our fat cells. For decades, scientists have known that leptin plays a role in weight loss, but were not certain about the exact role. Over time there have been countless studies where leptin injections were given to subjects to aid weight loss. But there are still many questions that must be answered about leptin and weight loss such as are leptin injections a practical solution to help people lose or keep off weight? Can they help obese people lose weight? Are they safe? Can they reverse the slowed metabolism caused by weight loss? I go over these questions and much more in this week’s blog!

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Why Keeping Off Weight is Harder Than Losing it

fitness-957115_1280 (2)This blog may be the most important blog I have written about weight loss yet. If you have a difficult time losing weight or keeping it off, this blog is for you. I talk about what happens to our metabolism when we cut back on calories, how this prevents further weight loss, makes it difficult to maintain weight loss and what we can do to change this. This blog will show you that weight loss is much more complicated than burning more calories than you are taking in.

One of the biggest effects that weight loss has on our body is that it decreases the amount of energy we use each day in order to prevent further weight loss. This is the biggest hurdle with maintaining weight loss. Since this is such an important issue, I will start the blog with this.

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