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Does High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Produce Greater Fat Loss Than Endurance Training?

spot-862274_1280 (2)I was originally going to write a blog about the different health benefits that endurance training (slow jogging) offered compared to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I soon found out that each topic was so complex that I would have to write two separate blogs. I chose to write about HIIT first.

I heard of HIIT training years ago but never really tried it out. I recently grew bored doing incline walks and 25 minute jogs on the treadmill. Instead of walking or jogging, I decided to do sprints on the treadmill (not really all out sprints, more like fast jogs) where I would run quickly for 90 seconds followed by 2 minutes of rest continuously for 26 minutes. This is essentially what High Intensity Interval Training is.

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Health benefits of physical activity

bicycle-race-438887_1280 (2)Almost everyone knows that physical activity is beneficial, but what effect on health does it really have? Throughout the history of mankind we have been mostly nomadic. Our ancestors walked/ran everywhere, spent a lot of time picking berries and fruits, and before horses really had no other choice but to walk. Once we discovered agriculture we settled down and were not forced to be as active as we previously were since we could live in one area without having to move for food.

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