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Does Eating Before Bed Lead to Weight Gain and Negative Metabolic Changes?

I have come across many people over the years that believed eating before bed leads to weight gain. The general idea is that our body slows down when we sleep and would store calories eaten at night instead of using them as energy. Is there any truth to this assumption? Yes and no. Our bodies do indeed slow down during sleep, but not as much as you would think. The real reason for possible weigh gain has to do with the Thermic Effect of Food. I will talk about the Thermic Effect of Food and weight gain and whether or not eating before bed causes negative metabolic changes in insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels and high glucose levels in this blog. I will start by talking about Resting Metabolic Rate and sleep.

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Location of Body Fat and Disease Risk

UntitledWhere you store your fat is almost as important as how much body fat you have overall. As I have mentioned in numerous blogs, body fat acts as active biological tissue. It releases hormones and increases the risk of various diseases. There are two shapes defined by the location of fat storage; apple and pear shaped. Apple shaped people store fat around their midsection and waist. Think of older men with huge protruding stomachs. Pear shaped people store fat around their hips, thighs, and butts, and less around their waist. Many women fit this description.

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Theories About the Causes of Obesity and What Determines Fat Storage

Inuit Children in Winter FursThere are three evolution based theories about why obesity is now so common throughout the world. It is nearly impossible to say which, if any, of these theories is correct. It could be a combination of two of them. I will discuss all of the theories in this blog and let you choose which one you like the best.

Most people know the effects of obesity on disease rates and health so I will not talk about that. Also, people know that excess caloric consumption usually leads to weight gain. But why can some people eat all they want without gaining a pound but other people eat like birds and do a ton of cardio but cannot lose a pound? Obviously weight gain has a genetic component otherwise anyone that ate too much would be obese. I am nowhere near obese but I used to run 40 minutes a day five times per week and lift weights but I never managed to lose any weight. My diet was low in calories and based around whole foods as well.

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