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BPA in plastic bottles and cans – does it cause cancer?

zzzzzzzBisphenol A, or BPA, is a synthetic compound used to make plastic and epoxy resins. It is used to make plastic bottles and can lining. BPA tends to leak from the plastic and can lining into the liquid or food. BPA is very controversial because it is a synthetic estrogen linked to increased risks of birth defects, cancers, developmental disabilities, obesity and neurological problems. It has been shown to cause abnormal sexual effects in certain animals like in the case of exposed alligators that affected their egg quality and caused a decrease in the penis size of the males. But does BPA pose a real danger to humans?

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Pesticides- How they affect our health and how to reduce intake

airplane-465619_1280 (2)Pesticides have been a life saver for large scale farmers. They allow farmers to keep weeds away, keep insect pests at bay and increase their crop yield. In fact, large scale farming may well be impossible without the use of pesticides (not that getting rid of large scale farming would be terrible).  While pesticides are a savior for farmers, they can have disastrous health consequences on animals and humans. I am sure most of you have at least heard about DDT use in the 1950s which nearly destroyed the population of bald eagles.

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