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Short and Long Duration of Sleep Lead to a Shortened Lifespan

While I advocate a vegan diet one still must be wise in making sure they are meeting all of their nutritional needsClick To TweetFrom personal experience most can attest to being cranky or out of it after a night of short sleep. Some people, myself included, feel the same way if they sleep too long. Research has confirmed a U shape type of association between sleep length and disease risk. Both short and long sleep increase the risk of various diseases including: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. You can read about the association between sleep length and disease risk in my previous blog. This blog will focus solely on the association between sleep length and all-cause mortality and will expand upon the previous blog I have written on the relationship between sleep and disease risk.

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Does Eating Before Bed Lead to Weight Gain and Negative Metabolic Changes?

I have come across many people over the years that believed eating before bed leads to weight gain. The general idea is that our body slows down when we sleep and would store calories eaten at night instead of using them as energy. Is there any truth to this assumption? Yes and no. Our bodies do indeed slow down during sleep, but not as much as you would think. The real reason for possible weigh gain has to do with the Thermic Effect of Food. I will talk about the Thermic Effect of Food and weight gain and whether or not eating before bed causes negative metabolic changes in insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels and high glucose levels in this blog. I will start by talking about Resting Metabolic Rate and sleep.

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Sleep: How Much Do We Need and the Link Between Short Sleep and Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Disease

By: Robert Melick

Full Moon, Moon, Midnight, Witching Hour

Scientists may still be perplexed about the function of sleep, but they do know that it affects disease risk, especially diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. So, how much sleep do we need? What is the “optimal” amount? Well, that is hard to say. Everyone is different and requires different amounts of sleep, right? Indeed. But there appears to be a range of sleep where below that range or above that range, the chance of developing one of the previously mentioned diseases increases.

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