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Using the Vitamix to Make Great Tasting Smoothies, Protein Shakes and Sauces

Vitamix-Pro-500-3Hey everyone. I have been really busy recently with class work and internship stuff, so I decided to write a quick blog. A few months ago my parents bought me a Vitamix as a Christmas present. Before this, I was using a blender to make my smoothies. I tried once to make a vegetable and fruit smoothie but it came out awful. It was honestly one of the worst drinks I ever tried. I used spinach and apples and there were chunks of both in the drink. It also had a weird smell. I never tried making another vegetable smoothie after that occasion.

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Do Vegan Diets Supply Enough Protein?

top-7-sources-rich-in-vegan-proteinHumans have been eating plant foods for as long as we have roamed the Earth. It is estimated that throughout their time on Earth humans have used around 3,000 plant species and cultivated about 150 plant species for their personal use (11). The major groups of plant foods that supply the most protein are legumes and cereal grains. Around the world, plant proteins make up about 65% of all protein eaten (11).

People in the United States consume a high percentage of animal protein (70% of their protein intake), while countries to the East consume much less animal protein (20% of their protein intake) (11). Some parts of Asia rely heavily on fermented soy for their protein intake. Countries that do not raise livestock also rely on plants for their protein. The United States has some of the highest intake of animal protein per person worldwide. This may be the reason that people in the US think that we must consume animals to meet our protein needs. Fortunately for vegans, it is very possible to meet protein needs without consuming any animal products!

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Nutritional Concerns of a Vegan Diet

downloadHey all. I have noticed that there is a lot of misinformation regarding the nutritional adequacy of a 100% vegan diet, even among fellow senior level dietetics students. I know a few vegans and the most common nutritional concern is getting enough protein or iron. There are a few other mineral/vitamins which are hard to get, although not impossible, from a vegan diet. I am not going to discuss whether or not a vegan lifestyle reduces the risks of certain diseases like cancer. I will talk about the relationship between a vegan diet and disease risk in a future blog. This blog will be a basic overview on how to get all the nutrients you need from a totally vegan diet.

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